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Springtime is fresh and sweet, so should your clothing be

Successful removal of odors depends on the source of the odor and the type of fabric, but the process can be a bit complex. More

Will the stain come out or will it spread?

To be clear, we are talking about washable clothing here. Fact is it’s hard to know, without training, if a stain will come out. But, most “concentrated” stains will spread before being contained and removed. More

Buying a stylish, but functional winter coat: Tips to remember

Shearling should be distinguished between “fake” and real. While both are warm, “real” shearling, with its lamb or “poodle” looking fur is both wind and water-resistant. More

Do you know about these simple household tips?

Tips on Static electricity, vinegar use, household fabrics and rust marks. More

The Latest in Halloween Stain Removal

I did an interview with Martha Stewart Radio last week about Halloween stains... More

How to shop with success

I get a lot of emails from people about shopping issues, so here are some tips! More

Yes... Smelly Towels! (Part 2)

So you’ve told your kids to use soap, and not to throw towels on the floor... More

Yes... Smelly Towels! (Part 1)

Almost everyone has experienced a bad smelling towel at least once! More

Swimsuit Care Part 2

We mentioned how easy and cost-effective it can be to repair swimsuits. Here’s the lowdown! More

Swimsuit Care

Swimsuit care starts with preventive care, so keep these facts in mind as you enter salt water and chlorinated pools and hot tubs! More

It's Spring!

Last month we covered some spring housekeeping tips. Now it's time to face some facts. More

It's Almost Spring!

Get a jump on the change of season and try a few of these good housekeeping tips More

Bleach: Part Three: Steps after Bleaching

If you are happy with the results from bleaching, great! You are almost done with the process. More

Bleach: Part Two: When and how to use bleaches correctly and safely!

The proper use of bleach can produce some stunning results, but it is not the ultimate panacea or answer to every spot, stain, or discoloration, that you’ve been led to believe! More

Bleach: Part One: Truths about brightening and removing colored stains

Most people believe that “bleach” holds the answer to stain removal, discolorations and dulling, but it’s complicated! More

Tablecloths and Napkins

Table linens, whether they are made from 100% linen, cotton, or a poly blend, they can be ruined in a snap by a number of wrong decisions. More

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a big thing for kids, and some adults, so here are some care tips for removing Halloween stains and keeping clothing and costumes clean. More

Back to School: Time and Money-saving Tips

It’s back-to-school time and there are things you can do to ease the expense and time of shopping for new clothing! More

Bridal Gowns (Part 5: Preservation: What and why)

Your gown has been cleaned and presumably repaired and inspected, so it is time for the final touch: Preserving your gown for the next bride. More

Bridal Gowns (Part 4: After the wedding)

The simple question is: If the wedding is over and you’re not going to wear the gown again (unless you are taking pictures), then why clean it? More

Bridal Gowns (Part 3: Secondhand and heirloom gowns)

“Older” gowns can offer oodles of options with regard to fabrics and styles, and can offer a special slant at a reasonable price. More

Bridal Gowns (Part 2)

Last month we reviewed choices. It’s time to look at trims and details and possible challenges during cleaning. More

Bridal Gowns (Part 1)

Whether new, second hand or handed down, the question is how to proceed in choosing a bridal gown. Here are some helpful gown choosing tips. More

Shoes and Boots: Storage (Part 3)

Last month we talked about cleaning and preventive care. Proper storage will help extend the longevity. More

Winter Stains on shoes and boots (Part 2)

Last month we talked about the affects of foul weather on clothing. Shoes and boots can suffer similar damage More

Winter Stains on clothing; salt, snow and rain (Part 1)

Shoes and clothing can be ruined by salt and other debris on streets, sidewalks, stairwells, and inside subways. The question is what to do in the face of such conditions. More

Silk Care and the Holidays (Part 3)

Since silk and satin fabrics are festive — and often worn during the holidays — it’s a perfect time to talk first aid! More

Silk Care (Part 2)

More silk care do's and don'ts including what to be careful about with water-based and oily stains. More

Silk Care (Part 1)

Of all the ruined clothing examined by experts, consumers account for almost 35% of it. Let's try to reduce that number! More

Carpet Care (Part 2)

We addressed the fundamentals of stain removal for carpets, but here are the logical next steps for “home removal.” More

Carpet Care

Carpets and area rugs present specific challenges. While similar to upholstery care, you have even fewer options for stain removal on carpets because they are hard to rinse. More

Closet Care: The change of season (Part 3)

You may have already cleaned your closets and chosen a place to store your off-season clothing, but what about insects? More

Closet Care: The change of season (Part 2)

So, you’ve inspected your clothing, cleaned and repaired it, and wonder what’s next. You have a few choices. More

Closet Care: The change of season (Part 1)

Some people actually “change out” their closets according to the change of season, but why? More

Spring Cleaning for Down-filled Items

Last month we talked about cleaning the duvet that covers and protects blankets, spreads and down comforters. Now it’s time to talk address down comforters and down-filled jackets and accessories. More

Spring cleaning for household items

Spring is almost here, so let’s review some care and cleaning tips for bedspreads, blankets, and duvets! More

What more can your drycleaner do with an almost impossible task?

What can you do when you have a near-permanent stain or an unsightly tear, and all the safe and reasonable approaches have failed? More

Tablecloths and Napkins

The holidays can produce some very nasty tablecloths, napkins and placemats! Like furniture covers, table linens require fast decisions — and proper decisions — to remove most stains and to keep these lovely cloths in rotation. More

Upholstery and Furniture Covers

The holidays are here, which usually means gatherings and parties. It can also mean that there will be spills and timely decisions to make! More

Covering or disguising stains and tears

If a stain or tear cannot be removed or repaired, then think about covering or disguising the affected area. More

Colored Stains

Should paint, lipstick, blood, mustard and other "colored" stains be treated like any "typical" sugar or food stain? More

Oxidized Stains

We’ve talked about stains that turn yellow or brown over time, and that these colors often tell you that a stain has “set” with time. How can you tell if these stains will come out and if they will respond to bleach and other special care from your drycleaner? More

Everyday Problems ... Easy Answers

Did you know that most drink spills and fruit sprays contain sugar, and that the sugar in these drinks and can turn spots yellow or brown? More

Clothing Care Basics: Part 2

You now know that water-based stains have a ring around the outside and that oily stains look absorbed and do not have a ring, so we can move on! More

Clothing Care Basics

Clothing care starts the moment you begin to shop. Here are some great fundamentals to keep in mind. More

Understanding Clothing Care and Your Drycleaner

Cleaning and restoring fine fabrics and couture creations require awareness, skill, experience and a sharp eye! More

Stain Philosophy

Fine fabrics present the greatest challenge: Each stain needs to be treated and removed from the cuffs, linings and outer shells of our clothing, one spot at a time. Large splashes can be difficult, but splatters require even more skill and attention. More

Sweater Care

Covers some of the common mistakes made when caring for sweaters, and discusses when sweaters should be cleaned. More