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Couture Dry Cleaner for New Orleans


A Certified Couture Cleaner

When it comes to meticulously designed clothing, we excel in handling it. We are proud to be one of the few cleaners in the world recognized as a Certified Couture Cleaner by Leading Cleaners Internationale.

Defined by the design subtleties, sewing techniques and fabrics used, couture is the paramount of quality. Sensitive to every nuance of couture creations, we are able to handle the finest clothing you can send our way. And if for any reason we don't satisfy your requirements; we'll make it right. Guaranteed.

Have a question about a particular garment or how we handle couture items? Contact us and one of our seasoned couture professionals will get back to you.

"As an upscale clothing retailer I was delighted to find One Cleaners. I feel confident in telling my customers about them because I know their quality clothes will be in trusted hands." Annette Wood

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What is Couture?
A French word for "designing, making, and selling highly fashionable clothing, usually employing fine fabrics and exemplary construction and sewing techniques."
What are some of the fabrics used?
Delicate fabrics such as velvet, silk, crepe, organza and others. For these we use a very gentle cleaning process that protects integrity and revives color and texture.
Couture gown