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What more can your drycleaner do with an almost impossible task?

What can you do when you have a near-permanent stain or an unsightly tear, and all the safe and reasonable approaches have failed? Drycleaners have a saying — and it’s a good one: “The stain belongs to the customer, but if we ‘pull’ the color or ruin the garment trying to save it, then it belongs to us!”

Your drycleaner knows that your clothing and textiles are valuable and they want to do all they can, safely. However, when a consumer is desperate and has no other choice, drycleaners are asked to go beyond their comfort zone.

So what can be done to help salvage that cherished item, without causing problems and placing blame? Your drycleaner can try using extreme chemicals on a stain, with your permission, even against their better judgment. But, in many cases, there can be color loss, texture change, shrinkage, or complete disaster. For permanent stains and tears, think redesign.

  • Add an artsy design or appliqué, to cover the offending mark
  • Add a piece of hardware, beads, sequins, or buttons
  • Add a contrasting fabric or color in velvet or some other festive material
  • Change the design by adding a pleat or a dart
  • If it’s close to a seam or a hem, then taper or shorten
  • If it’s a clean “L-shaped” tear, then consider reweaving

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