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Spring Cleaning for Down-filled Items

Last month we talked about cleaning the duvet that covers and protects blankets, spreads and down comforters. Now it’s time to talk address down comforters and down-filled jackets and accessories.

Down items are filled with feathers. These feathers are coated with natural oil that can be affected — and possibly removed — by the wrong cleaning process, which can reduce insulating value. However, the choice of cleaning process also depends on the soil, stains, and care instructions. The following information will help you better understand your choices:

  • If the down comforter or jacket has oily stains such as food or car grease or body oils, then drycleaning will be your best choice (as drycleaning is the best process to remove a host of oily-type stains).
  • If the down comforter or jacket is very soiled and contains water-based stains such as beverage spills, blood, or other water-soluble stains, then controlled wetcleaning (professional washing) will be the best process.
  • If the comforter or jacket contains both types of stains, then drycleaning followed by wetcleaning will be the best and most thorough process.

Remember, your drycleaner uses both processes and they will choose the proper approach. Be sure to inspect the item for open seams before cleaning because feathers can escape through even the smallest opening!

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