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Closet Care: The change of season (Part 1)

Some people actually “change out” their closets according to the change of season, but why?

Clothing has a lifecycle and it marches on with or without you. But if you want this clothing to last, then consider these issues:

  • If you wore a garment for even five minutes, then it may contain body oils, perfume or cologne, perspiration, and perhaps food particles and drink spills.
  • If the garment sits in your closet or drawers during the “off-season,” without cleaning, then it may attract insects that “eat” the fabric and cause holes or weak areas.
  • Collar and cuff soil and food and drink stains — some which may be clear in color or invisible — can oxidize (age) and turn yellow, brown, or just plain gray.

Put an end to this common demise now by inspecting anything you’ve worn, under bright light. Then make sure that it gets the proper care, be it washing, drycleaning, or repairs. Once you clear out your closet, vacuum and dust the area, top to bottom, to remove dustmites and “mothsacks” from the upper corners. Do it this weekend!

Stay tuned for the next steps!

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