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Sweater Care

One Cleaners takes every precaution to reduce pilling and stretching by using mesh nets during cleaning, followed by gentle hand blocking and steaming. When pilling cannot be eliminated, due to the type of fabric and the consumer's use and wear, sweaters are gently de-pilled to minimize transparency and thinning.

What is the biggest mistake people make when caring for their sweaters?

You want to carefully inspect your sweaters after wearing, under bright light, and then allow them to air out for two hours.

This inspection will help identify stains and food stuffs that often stick to the nap of sweaters. Light-colored sweaters are notorious for absorbing sprays and drips from fruit and oils --- which later show up as permanent yellow stains. By airing out your clothing, you allow perspiration, moisture and smoke and food odors to evaporate, before being folded and stored in a closet or drawer. This practice will also minimize wrinkling.

How often should sweaters be cleaned?

Light-colored sweaters should be cleaned at the first sign of soil at the collar and cuffs --- and at the first sign of a food stain (these types of stains get worse and more stubborn with time.) Darker sweaters, comparatively, can be worn a number of times before cleaning, but all sweaters (and clothing) must be washed or drycleaned before storing for the season.

How can holes be repaired?

There are two methods for repairing sweaters. A hole can be mended with the closest color thread --- especially if the hole is small, but the best and most invisible method is called reweaving or re-knitting. This involves pulling yarns from the side seam of the sweater and re-knitting them into the weave. This can also be done with separate yarns from spare sweaters or spools of yarn: The more texture, the more invisible the mend. Silk-knit, rayon-knit, and jersey sweaters are almost impossible to mend without the holes looking like a scar.

Drycleaners usually have a seamstress that can mend sweaters in the manner described. You should be specific about your expectations, in order to get what you want and deserve. You can also ask to see finished samples.

It is the expressed goal and passion of all Leading Cleaners affiliates, around the globe, to help our valued customers and clothing lovers maintain and preserve their wardrobe investment.

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