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Closet Care: The change of season (Part 2)

So, you’ve inspected your clothing, cleaned and repaired it, and wonder what’s next. You have a few choices:

  • You can simply clean and reorganize — editing out and donating or passing down old and passé styles to make room for the new — or you can actually “store” your wardrobe for the season. Storing is another word for protecting and you can “protect” your clothing at home or store it professionally with your drycleaner (if they offer this service).

STEP #1: Storing at home

  • Using your closet space, line up your clean clothing and remove all plastic bags.
  • Drape a freshly washed cotton sheet over the rack of garments to eliminate dust build-up and to reduce fading.
  • Do not store clothing in damp basements or attics. If you must use a basement space, then make sure the clothing is off the floor and that use a dehumidifier, as needed.

STEP #2: Storing with your drycleaner

  • Count the garments and make an inventory list (preferably on a computer so you can edit and change the list from year to year).
  • Make sure you have insurance on your homeowners’ policy, or add a “rider” for storing clothing outside your home.
  • Decide which garments should be hung and which should be folded and convey this information to your cleaner.

By making a conscious choice about cleaning and storing — at home or at the cleaners — you are being proactive and protecting your clothing investment for years to come.

This tip is © The Clothing Doctor and used with permission. May not be reproduced in any form without written permission.