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Closet Care: The change of season (Part 3)

You may have already cleaned your closets and chosen a place to store your off-season clothing, but I thought you should know a bit more about insects and what they can do to your clothing.

#1: Moths love wool, silk, and satin fabrics and they will eat your clothing if they are “invited” by unclean clothing or less-than-sanitary conditions...

#2: Silverfish and crickets eat cotton, linen, microfiber and rayon, so it’s not just your woolens that need consideration and protection.

#3: Carpet Beetles, though not as common, will eat woolens and cotton fabrics. Polyester has no real insect issues. I had a customer dump a suit out of a bag along with one cricket and some fabric shavings. Upon inspection, we found that the suit had been eaten so badly that it had to be discarded!

Keep a watchful eye on your clothing, especially if it is being stored in an attic or a basement. When in doubt, make sure all clothing is cleaned or washed at the end of each season and don’t hesitate to call a professional exterminator at the first sign of these insects.

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