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Carpet Care

Carpets and area rugs present specific challenges. While similar to upholstery care, you have even fewer options for stain removal on carpets because they are hard to rinse. However, I get many calls and emails about grease stains and spills, so here are a few hints.

#1: Assess the nature of the stain; color, size, and age

#2: If the stain is larger than a fifty-cent piece, then you may want to contact a professional because the stain could spread and become a bigger challenge.

#3: If the stain is smaller — being a “swipe” or a small spill — then you may be able to “spot clean” the area yourself.

  • Use a chemical specifically designed for carpets
  • Test a small area first
  • Wet a small area with water and dab a little stain remover onto a toothbrush
  • Gently work the stain, re-wet it, sparingly, and blot with a dry white cloth
  • Repeat if it improves

Stay tuned for next month’s follow up!

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