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Carpet Care (Part 2)

We addressed the fundamentals of stain removal for carpets, but here are the logical next steps for “home removal.” Remember, professionals have the training and the proper equipment to steam, agitate, and remove stains, so don’t be a hero to try and save a few bucks. A whole room cost only about $100!

  1. You used a toothbrush and some rug cleaner, wetted the stain, and then blotted it “dry” with white cloth or paper towel.
  2. Repeat if you see improvement, then blot dry — do not rub too hard as you may damage the surface and cause a mar that you cannot fix.
  3. Allow carpet to air dry with a fan and do not walk in that area (resist using a blow dryer unless it’s set on “cool.” It may take five hours to dry to the touch, so be patient.
  4. Vacuum the dried area when finished to even the nap of the carpet and to re-inspect.
  5. Lastly, general soil, and dirty or discolored areas are different and more spread out than areas with specific stains, so be careful about tackling too large a job without a carpet machine.

* Keep in mind that dog poop, ink, red wine, and other colored stains may need extra attention and possibly professional help if the stain is bigger than a nickel.

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