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Silk Care (Part 2)

You learned some basic first aid for silk last month — use water sparingly; be careful with napkins; never rub the fabric. So, let’s examine the next set of don’ts...

  • Water-based stains, such as wine, soda, and coffee can spread from the use of water or club soda and silk dyes can bleed, making stain removal that much harder
  • Oily stains, such as butter and food oils — which look blotchy on silk — can be "set" by the use of water or club soda, so never use them on oily stains
  • Once silk loses color from rubbing, it’s almost impossible to restore the lost dye

If you've had to do something "dangerous" — in a moment of panic or indecision — to remove a stain, be sure to tell your drycleaner so your silk garment can be treated and possibly restored!

Next month: Silk and perspiration

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