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Silk Care and the Holidays (Part 3)

Since silk and satin fabrics are festive — and often worn during the holidays — it’s a perfect time to talk first aid!

  • Silk and satin (and wool/cashmere) are “protein” fibers that can be easily damaged by perspiration, which leads me to the next issue...
  • There’s dancing and other activities during holiday parties. When we perspire, the underarms become wet, which usually forms a ring under the arms.
  • This wet area starts out as an acidic stain — that can be pre-spotted and drycleaned. However, when the stained area sits for days, the acid turns alkaline, and that’s what causes color changes, yellow rings and, eventually, weak areas, deterioration, and holes.

If you know that your underarms have become wet with sweat, dry them with a paper towel, have the blouse or dress drycleaned within 48 hours, and be sure to point out the stained area to your drycleaner so it can be properly treated ASAP!

If silk and satin could be washed at home, without color loss, fading, and shrinkage, then you’d have a fighting chance — but most are not! Happy Holidays

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