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Back to School: Time and Money-saving Tips

It’s back-to-school time and there are things you can do to ease the expense and time of shopping for new clothing!

Growing Kids

Children grow during the summer — mentally and physically — and trends change, which makes it hard to simply “hand it down!” Make pants and skirts last another season by doing some repairs, alterations, and re-styling.

If pants are too short or are frayed at the hem:

  • Have the pant hem let down.
  • If they’re still too short, add a different color or fabric.
  • Add an appliqué or a design to make the hem more stylish.
  • Have your child pick the color and fabric so can be part of the solution.

If pants have holes in the knees or the child has grown too much for hemming:

  • Shorten them for the next sibling in line.
  • If there’s no sibling, or the pants are too “far gone,” then cut them into shorts.
  • As a last resort, put them in the “costume drawer” for dress-up or Halloween.

Remember: Skirts can also be hemmed and re-designed. Skirts and pants can also be “accessorized” with a new belt or appliqué, so their friends won’t recognize them from last year! Old stand-bys can also be mixed and matched with a new shirt or blouse to give them new life.

Lastly, make that old sweater, T-shirt, or blouse new by adding sequins, stones and other ornamental embellishments. The seamstress at your drycleaner can help. Just make sure the trims and designs can be washed or drycleaned!

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