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Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a big thing for kids, and some adults, so here are some care tips for removing Halloween stains and keeping clothing and costumes clean.

Water-based Stains

Most candy, fruit, and sweets are considered water-based, which means that most of the stains will come out with soap and water in the washing machine.

  • Water-based spills and spots will probably have a ring around the stain.
  • Hard candies and clumps of sugar may need help from a dull butter-knife or spoon to break up the mass before washing.
  • Chocolate, fruit juice, and other colored stains may need pre-treatment before washing. Be sure to allow the stain-remover to sit on the fabric for a few minutes. If it is working, re-apply, let sit, and then wash.
  • Some candy and sweets may contain natural food coloring or dyes and sugar, so some stains may require soaking in color-safe bleach after the initial washing.

Costume Fabrics

  • Remember, some parts of the costume might not be washable, so examine sequins, trims, and embellishments carefully before hand or machine washing. Some parts and trims may have to be removed, first.
  • Oily stains — for which there are few during Halloween — and some trims and dyes may require dry cleaning. Your drycleaner can also “spot clean” specific stains without having to wash or dry clean the whole costume.

Note: Some trims may be attached by glue or wax, so inspect carefully before washing. Do not allow stained or soiled costumes to sit for the year without cleaning or they may be useless next year!

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