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Swimsuit Care

Swimsuit care starts with preventive care, so keep these facts in mind as you enter salt water and chlorinated pools and hot tubs!

Before using a new swimsuit

Soak the swimsuit in 4 inches of water with one teaspoon of vinegar to reduce color fading.

Day of Swim

Wet the suit with water (in shower or sink) to impregnate and coat the pores of the fiber with water to reduce fabric penetration of chlorine, salt, and suntan oil.

Washing the Swimsuit

It's usually best to hand wash versus machine wash, especially when the suit has "formed" cups. Never tumble dry, or bleach. However, unless the suit has stains, most can just be rinsed well in clear water.


  • Do not wring or twist, ever.
  • Dry flat on a terry towel, and never dry in the sun or in the dryer
  • Your drycleaner can usually replace elastic. It's less expensive, and a lot less hassle than buying a new suit!

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