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Swimsuit Care Part 2

We mentioned how easy and cost-effective it can be to repair swimsuits. Here’s the lowdown!

What can be repaired and what cannot?

  • Snags, scuffs, and pills are often impossible to repair — so watch out for rough surfaces such as the edge of pools and hot tubs!
  • Tears and rips can be easier to fix and disguise than scuffs, especially if the rip is near a seam.
  • Worn out elastic in the straps and legs — which can result in drooping and bagging — can often be repaired for less than the cost of a new swimsuit. Ask your drycleaner about this service!

About Bacteria and Odors

  • We actually do sweat when we swim, especially when we sun afterwards. Residual bacteria from perspiration and body chemistry, which sits and grows in swimsuits, can resurface when the person starts to sweat again.
  • Wet gear that’s stored in plastic, in a gym bag, or in a heap on the floor can begin breeding bacteria within hours: Odor from bacteria can be stronger than the smell of perspiration.
  • Certain stains can be difficult to remove, so inspect your suit under bright light after each wearing. Pay special attention to suntan lotion and body oil.

Next Month: Smelly Towels and how to avoid them!!

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