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Yes... Smelly Towels! (Part 1)

Almost everyone has experienced a bad smelling towel at least once!

What causes the objectionable odor?

Last month we stated that bacteria would grow on swimsuits if left in a closed bag or locker. Towels suffer from similar problems if left untreated.

  • A bath towel absorbs soil, perspiration and dead skin cells, by the millions, every time it’s used (and not washed).
  • When active kids skimp on soap (and we know that many do), they believe, wrongly, that the towel itself will “clean” their body and take the place of soap.
  • IF, they throw the damp towel onto a pile, or leave it on the floor — and do not it hang up and spread it out — bacteria can start to form and odors begin.
  • If you experience this odor, wash the towels as hot as possible with detergent and a quarter cup of color-safe bleach.
  • Make sure to remove them from the washer as soon as the wash cycle is over.

Next Month: Smelly Towels and your washer!

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