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Yes... Smelly Towels! (Part 2)

So you’ve told your kids to use soap, and not to throw towels on the floor...

What else can you do?

Wash your towels in the hottest water; remove them soon after the cycle ends; and dry them as hot as possible!

Your washing machine gathers odors from the soap scum that sticks to the parts "inside" of the wash wheel and bacteria can form. (Using too much detergent actually reduces washing and contributes to the odor problem.)

  • Using "regular" detergent in a front-load machine that requires High Efficiency (HE) detergent can also contribute to odors (and reduce efficiency).

To maintain your washer, clean and disinfect the inside every 30-60 days, depending on use.

  • You can run a load of white clothing as the last load of the day and add a quarter-cup of chlorine bleach.
  • You can run a "dummy" load or an empty load with just hot water and a whole cup of chlorine bleach.
  • Or you can use one of the disinfecting products at the grocery store...but be sure to clean your washer at the first sign of odor.


To reduce odors, keep the lid open or the door slightly ajar to allow the washing machine to breathe when not in use! And remember to remove the lint from the filter of your dryer after every dry cycle.

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