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How to shop with success

I get a lot of emails from people about shopping issues, so here are some tips!

This quote that says it all: "The biggest mistake people make when shopping for clothing is failing to recognize the care it will need and following it! It’s important to read care labels and know which fabrics require the highest maintenance."

Know what fits your lifestyle and personal habits before you pay!

  • Tough on your clothing? Buy fabrics that will meet your needs and will withstand your lifestyle...and be honest with yourself!
  • Are you a stain magnet? Buy prints, stripes and textures to hide stains.
  • Take up to 10 pieces into the dressing room to give yourself the best chance of success.
  • Try on more than just one pant, as they do vary in size from pair to pair.
  • Inspect buttons, zippers, seams and clasps before reaching the cash register.
  • Look at clothing under bright light to check for stains, neck soil, deodorant marks and ink swipes and open seams.
  • Check for an “extra” button and make sure all buttons are sewn on well.
  • Ask for a quality hanger that fits the shoulders and supports the weight of the garment.
  • Remove the plastic bag before hanging a new garment in your closet.

Learn to shop with success and buy only what you love and what fits you best!

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