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The Latest in Halloween Stain Removal

I did an interview with Martha Stewart Radio last week about Halloween stains...

Stain removal is all about the variables: the type of stain; the color of stain; the fabric—and the costume embellishments. And you have to think “outside the box” when it’s time to pre-treat, wash or dryclean these items!

Face Paint, Lipstick, Hair Dye removal = Pretreatment & patience!

  • All of these stains will need pretreatment, detergent, water … and time: Time for the stain remover to do its intended job—which is to dissolve the stain. If it’s working after 5 minutes, then apply another few drops.
  • Face paint, lipstick and hair dye, wash off the face with soap and water. But clothing—depending on the color and fabric—may need a soak in color-safe bleach, after pretreatment and washing. Some face paint and lipstick will need drycleaning, so consult your fabricare guru for first-hand advice.


Some sequins, pearls and glitter are attached with wax and glue, so you may have to “un-stitch” some ornamental parts before pretreatment because the wax and glues can dissolve in washing or drycleaning.

Glow-Sticks and Stain Removal

  • Most glow sticks contain peroxide (a mild bleach), fluorescent dyes, and glass shards. The peroxide can “bleach” fabrics, but I would worry more about the fluorescent colors!
  • If the stick breaks and leaks the inner fluid on to clothing, the fabric will need to be pretreated and then soaked, possibly all night. The colors are water-soluble, so they should come out. If they do improve, but are not removed, then try a soak in color-safe bleach. Use gloves to keep the glass shards from contacting your hands.
  • Then rinse and wash, as usual!

-The Clothing Doctor

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