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Understanding Clothing Care and Your Drycleaner

Silk, Satin, Taffeta, Organza and Chiffon

Cleaning and restoring fine fabrics and couture creations require awareness, skill, experience and a sharp eye! Leading Cleaners affiliates such as One Cleaners meet these high standards. But, you can help in a big way by pointing out stains, repairs and nuances, such as stand-up collars and rolled pleats --- details that are often lost when clothing is brought to the cleaners in a bag or bundled up.

Do these fabrics require special pressing?

Drycleaning and stain removal are just one half of the equation: Gentle steaming and hand ironing is the other. Bias-cut construction, over layers, bows and sashes, and rolled pleats and hems all require gentle steaming and hand ironing to remain exquisite.

The skills required to perform these processes should not be taken for granted. Designers envision and create beautiful garments that can be compromised by the first cleaning and pressing. Leading Cleaners affiliates must meet rigorous standards before earning their certification, which means that they have the skills and knowledge to process and restore these fabrics --- when physically and humanly possible --- and you and your wardrobe benefit from these high standards.

Are stains harder to remove from fine fabrics?

Yes! One thing that all these fine fabrics have in common is sheen and texture, each in its own way. When a fabric has a "flat" surface or a "sensitive" weave, stain removal requires extraordinary skills to preserve it. This is why we always advocate that stains only be blotted with a dry, white napkin.

These fabrics should never be rubbed or wetted in an attempt to remove stains because the dye can fade or deluster and the weave can be roughed or distorted.

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