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There are just a few things that need to be wrapped up after your wedding and during your honeymoon. You may ask, “Who's going to take care of something during my honeymoon?” We will!

In addition to caring for your dress after the big day, we can clean mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaids, grooms or any other wedding day outfits Post Wedding from your hotel, reception hall, home, etc. With our personalized pick-up and delivery service, our highly trained staff cleans, and delivers them back to all parties as directed, or we can ship them where need be. Remember, it is always best to get to any stains before they have time to set.

“Having a resource like ONE CLEANERS in New Orleans makes my job easier. I have complete confidence in recommending ONE CLEANERS to my clients for the care of their once-in-a-lifetime couture gowns. I have been so excited to open the ONE CLEANERS gown bag and find the garment as beautiful as before it was worn.”

— Suzanne Perron, New Orleans

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Traveling with your gown

Pick-up of Gown after Wedding

Since you probably spent a lot of time searching for your dress, you want to make sure it is cleaned and preserved in the best manner possible. Not only for future generations, but for the day when you may want to renew your vows, or just take it out to relive the memories. We make it really easy to take care of your gown with our personalized pick-up and delivery service.

If you're an out of town bride, let us know in advance and we can be prepared to emergency clean or press your dress after travel and deliver it to the necessary site for your wedding. Again, we can also pick up your gown while you are on honeymoon and have it cleaned and preserved in museum like box for the best storage ever. Read on below to learn more about our Gown Cleaning and Preservation process.

Gown Cleaning and Preservation

After the big day: Preserving memories

Bridal Gown Preservation: Save Your New Wedding Gown for Someone Special Preserve your wedding gown with a MuseumCare preservation and turn the memory of your special day into an heirloom. Perhaps someday your daughter or granddaughter will walk down the aisle wearing the same bridal gown that meant so much to you. Keep your bridal gown in the family the right way with the gown preservation service you can trust!

Our thoroughness and attention to detail guarantee great results!

Free Evaluation: We will gladly give you a free consultation and estimate for the care of any fabric, new or vintage.

Handcleaning: We hand treat and clean each family gown (wedding, communion, christening, quinceañera) individually — never in combination with any other bridal dresses or family gowns. We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process.

Anti-sugar Stain Treatment: Spills containing sugar, salt, and acid often dry clear and cannot be seen. These latent stains do not dissolve during ordinary dry cleaning and turn an ugly brown over time. Our unique anti-sugar stain treatment, featured in Modern Bride and Bride's, ensures that all sugar, salt, and acid — seen or unseen — is removed.

Personal Inspection Available: You may arrange to inspect your bridal or other family gown before your true gown preservation is completed.

Environmentally-Pure, Lasting Protection: Vacuum or plastic seals and other materials can damage wedding gowns. Your family or bridal gown is layered with acid-free tissue and carefully folded into an acid-free, museum quality, archival wedding chest.

International Guarantee: Return your gown when it is to be worn again to any participating Certified Wedding Gown Specialist who will inspect and press the gown at no charge.

...Or Restore Your Family Wedding Gown to the True Color
If the wedding gown of your dreams is a family bridal gown that time has yellowed and stained, call us! We have members who specialize in restoring antique and vintage bridal gowns to the true color without damage to delicate fabrics or dyes. They can remove stains and discoloration that ordinary dry cleaners cannot. You can enjoy the wonderful feeling of using a family heirloom — a family wedding gown or one of those special dresses you or someone in your family wore as a child. Call today for a free consultation because the perfect bridal or family gown for you may be the one in your attic!

Heirloom Gown Preservation & Vintage Gown Restoration is Our Specialty
Members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists use the safest, most effective methods ever developed for preservation and restoration of all heirloom fabrics such as family bridal gowns, communion dresses, christening gowns, linens, quilts, and doll clothes. A blind test of four nationally-known bridal gown preservation services conducted by National Bridal Service proved our MuseumCare gown preservation was cleanest, provided the safest museum quality packaging environment, and offered the most comprehensive guarantee. You can trust us to give your special wedding or family gown the individual care and attention it deserves.

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Cleaning & Preservation of your dress

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